Knowledgebase Contributor First Steps

- As a contributor to the UCLA Knowledgebase, first you need to login.
- Then go to and edit it to add yourself. Or if you are shy, add just your sources in the top half of the page.
- Search your department and make sure those articles are correct.
- Search things you know about and make sure those articles are correct.

Knowledge Base 1.0!

Well this has been a long time coming.   After 3 years in existence and more than 1100 articles published, the UCLA Knowledge Base finally got a much needed facelift and update.   Here are some highlighted changes and improvements to the application:


You now have the ability to ask a question to the community.  Any UCLA employee may ask and answer a question.  Once a question is answered, that answer becomes an article in the knowledge base and the person who asked the question gets notified via email that their question has been answered.

Notification of changes

You can subscribe to any article that interests you and be notified via email when someone updates the article

Browsing the site

There is now a much more clear and intuitive way to browse articles by tags, contributors, and date

File Attachments

You can upload a file and attach it to any article

More Styles

There are more options to style your article now and there is a toolbar to help you format your article.

Mobile Safari view ~ beta

If you go to the site with your iphone or ipod touch, the site is specifically designed to be viewed on those devices.  The full functionality of the site has yet to be incorporated, hence it’s in beta

Speed, speed, speed

The site is generally faster now and searches should also be faster.

Known Issues

We working on getting an ssl certificate so your browser doesn’t ask you to verify the ssl certificate when you try to log in.

We hope this has been useful tool for the UCLA community and we’re working hard to improve it so it continues to be a useful tool.   There are many more improvements coming down the road. Finally, we would love to here your own suggestions and comments.